3-Course Dinner #2

A co-worker once told me cooking was very therapeutic for her. I didn’t understand it back then, mainly because I didn’t really enjoy cooking all that much. I started cooking more because of my two fans; my daughter and my fiance. It’s kind of rewarding to see people enjoying your food. And I am finally getting the ‘therapeutic’ part – you do forget everything that bothers you when you are focusing on cooking. =)

I am really proud of my dinner tonight. But too bad Allen won’t be home until later tonight after his class. My daughter is working late, too. Food really tastes better when it’s first served HOT.

Chinese Satay Beef (Beef, Satay Sauce, Curry Powder, Red Onion, Green Onion)

Sweet Peas with Mushroom and Carrots
Cashew Shrimp (Garlic, Green Onion, Dry Chili, Shrimp, Cashew Nuts)
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