Menday Monday – Bringing Sexy Silliness Back

My lady blogger friends, Chris of What I Run Into and AJ of Confessions of a Fat Girl have partnered together to feature a weekly series called MENday Monday.  AJ also created this awesome logo for us to use.   Thank you, AJ!


The idea is to blog or feature a HOT guy each week on Monday.  Frankly, as a photographer, I work with a lot of HOT guy models but most are too young for my age and I would feel too much of a cougar.  So sitting in front of my computer, I turned to look at my husband and grimed. Ah-ha!


Some of you have met him, Allen Taylor, the master photographer behind Allen Taylor Photography, who takes amazing photos.  He takes his craft very seriously and professionally.  But there is a different side of him many of you haven’t seen.  😉

Hot or not to you, he is my Sexy Silliness who makes me laugh everyday.  So enjoy these images.  I hope they make your day as much as they make mine.





What do you think?  Hot or not?  If you’re interested in seeing more of his brodoir (that’s right, Brodoir = male boudoir), shoot, check it out here.

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