Love Is ……

“We came from different paths and met at a cross road. Will we take the Y path together or go the X paths separately?”

I have seen many relationships go from passionate love to passionate hate. It seems the more you loved the harder you hate when things don’t work out. I have had my shares of heartbreaks on both sides of the spectrum. Each time I had to remind myself, it was just the wrong time with the wrong person. And yes, I always told myself it was his loss just to make it easier for me to move on.

In actuality, I don’t think you can blame anyone for a break-up no matter what reason or circumstance – be it infidelity, boredom, need for a space, or the classic ‘I love you but I am not in love with you’.   The bottom line is, you can’t fault anyone for not (wanting to love) loving someone because you simply can’t force it. I also don’t think of it as ‘lies’ because I believe when he said he loved you, he really did at that moment. After all, we all love differently and our definitions of ‘love’ may not be the same.  People’s feeling change. What we feel a month ago may not be the same today.  You just have realize it and move forward.  Or course it’s hard.  You will cry a river of tears, eat a tub of ice cream, and curse him out with all sorts of profanity.  But holding on to regrets or grudges will only hinder your own happiness.

Love is ……. meeting that special someone and instead of crossing paths, you walk the future path (the Y Path) together until death do us part.  I am so lucky I have finally found mine.  You will, too, someday.  Have faith in yourself.  Make your own fairytale come true and live happily ever after.

(Photo by Allen Taylor Photography & Chyna Photography)

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